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The First Beans Cooking Workshop

Here at Beans we focus on providing resources to help children to learn how to cook healthy recipes so that they can grow up with a positive view of healthy eating. To officially launch Beans as business we hosted our very first cooking workshop event on the 20th May, at Jurassic Perk Cafe, in Ruislip. The event consisted of a cooking workshop, goodie bags full of healthy snacks and access to the soft play area.

The Venue

Jurassic Perk Cafe was a great place to host the event. The venue has a dinosaur theme throughout, with a really fun soft play area and the staff are really welcoming. Their location is on Ruislip high street, which makes it super easy to get to. Jurassic Perk has a disco room which is where we held the cooking workshop. This made the atmosphere really fun, and the kids loved it!

Cooking Workshop Activities

During the actual cooking workshop, Kat Sullivan (Beans CEO), taught two healthy recipes: burritos, chia pudding with fruit salad. The balance of sweet and savoury ensured that the children could eat what they made, as a balanced meal. When making the burritos, the kids were split into teams where they each made a component of the burrito such as the guacamole or the salsa. They then each assembled their own burrito, depending on their preferences.

Healthy Recipes

We like to teach kids about new cooking techniques and ingredients and the chia pudding did exactly that. Chia seeds are high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre – so they really do pack a punch. When liquid is added to them, they expand and become a jelly-like dessert, which children absolutely love! To our chia seeds we added soya milk, maple syrup and served it with a side of fruit salad (which they worked together to cut and assemble). Not only did the kids learn valuable cooking skills such as chopping and assembling complimentary flavours, they also developed their soft-skills. These skills include teamwork, problem solving and listening, which are all very valuable.

Goodie Bags

After the event each child was given a goodie bag full of:

  • Healthy snacks
  • The food they made during the workshop
  • Various worksheets

We partnered up with multiple snack companies to give every child and parent some healthy snacks to try. Chicp provided natural, raw and delicious hummus in their herby and chilli pumpkin flavours. This was given to the parents to snack on with breadsticks, while they waited for their child. Ombar coco mylk buttons and Clearly Scrumptious scrummies were the tasty treats that were inside the goodie bags.

Future Cooking Workshop

We are looking into hosting future pop-up cooking workshop events as well as private cooking workshop parties. Sign up to The Beans Club so that we can update you with more information!